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Room air purifier CLAIR 800 - fewer viruses. More quality of life.

Virus-free room climate with antiviral air filters

Whether a person gets corona or not depends heavily on the dose of infection. In addition to droplets, aerosols have also been identified as carriers of viruses. They float in the air and are taken in by people. To avoid this, it is important to attach particular importance to the air exchange. Room air purifiers promote air quality and contribute significantly and continuously to reducing the viral load. The prerequisite is highly efficient filter technology, a large volume of air and optimal distribution of the filtered air.

The CLAIR 800 room air purifier makes our coexistence more pleasant again. The powerful room air purifier ensures maximum protection against viruses, pollen, odors and house dust. With its 4-stage filter system, the CLAIR 800 room air purifier with highly efficient industrial filters, carbon filters and a high-efficiency HEPA H14 filter filters 99.995% of pollutants from the air - for a healthy and pleasant room climate. Simple, quiet and reliable. The built-in UV-C lamps and the built-in carbon filter kill the viruses on the one hand and eliminate odors and pollen from the air on the other. Ideal for allergy sufferers.

The CLAIR 800 room air purifier offers technical excellence and extraordinary convenience for private and commercial use. For more quality of life and security. A long-term solution even after Corona and with a vaccine

  • For rooms up to 80 m2

  • Coarse filters remove coarse dirt particles from the air

  • Fine filters remove fine dirt particles from the air

  • Highly efficient HEPA H14 filters remove more than 99.995% of viruses

  • Carbon filters remove both plague particles and odors from the air

  • Ozone-free UV-C light disinfection removes odors and kills viruses

  • Can be flexibly positioned thanks to built-in rollers

  • Filter replacement: approx. Once a year, depending on the operating time

  • Volume: <50 dbA

  • Easy installation with 230 V mains connection

  • Constant speed control ensures constant air filtration

  • Built-in control display

    • On / off button with display

    • Status display of the filter contamination

    • Level 1-4 of the ventilation intensity

  • Particularly quiet and energy efficient

  • Size: 1.25 mx 0.48 m

  • Weight: approx. 30 kg

  • Air flow rate: 800 m³ / h

  • Max. Power consumption: approx. 500 W

  • Air exchange rate: at least 4 times per hour in a room size of 80m2 to reduce the risk of infection  

  • Long-term solution even after Corona and with vaccine

  • Increase in well-being and less exposure to fine dust and viruses

  • Color: white / black

Ab sofort erhalten Sie den Raumluftreiniger

"CLAIR 800" auch mit robusten, hygienischen

und individuell anpassbaren Textilschläuchen von der Firma DeTec GmbH.


Educational institutions

- Schools

- Kindergartens & KITAS

- Private & public education providers

- Universities

- Seminar & lecture rooms

Mittagessen in einem Restaurant

Hospitality & Hotel Industry

- Canteens, canteens, breweries

- Restaurants, bars, cafes
- Pensions & Hotels

- Receptions, counters, lobbies

- Discos & clubs

Open Space-Büro

Business & public space

- Banks, offices & administration

- Offices, conference rooms
- Reception and lounges
- Libraries
- Churches, mosques, synagogues
- Airports, train stations, public transport interiors

Kids Doctor Checkup


- Doctors' offices & waiting room

- Pharmacies
- Practices of therapists and alternative practitioners
- Hospitals & patient rooms
- Nursing and retirement homes

- Therapy centers


Leisure & Beauty

- Gyms, sports halls

- Amusement parks & wellness facilities
- Hairdressers, solariums, nail care studios
- Swimming pools, changing rooms
- Casinos, cinemas, concert halls, theaters
- Museums & Galleries
- Stages


Trade & Manufacturing

- Retail & boutique

- Supermarkets & grocery stores
- Hardware stores
- Shops & specialist shops
- Manufacturers of food
- Car, motorcycle dealers
- Workshops

Why are mobile air purifiers useful?

If there is no ventilation system installed in a room or in a building, such as in many classrooms, group rooms in daycare centers or offices, the stale air can only escape through wide-open windows. The Federal Environment Agency recommends changing the air in the room at least three times an hour. Schools have to ventilate their classrooms every 20 minutes, which cools down quickly in cold seasons. It can get uncomfortable here very quickly. A mobile room air purifier then makes sense in any case.

The Free State of Bavaria financially supports schools that want to buy room air purifiers against corona viruses in the classrooms. Other federal states have also promised funding for mobile devices. Funding programs of the Free State of Bavaria for schools and kindergartens for room air purifiers.

Press releases and studies on room air purifiers

Raumlüfter auch für zu Hause.png

Lippische Landeszeitung from March 17, 2021

Air filters for the home too

Air filters should provide protection against dangerous aerosols at home. CONCLUSION: Air filters reduce the aerosol load in the air considerably.

Umweltbundesamt den Einsatz der Geräte i

New For Teachers from 02/24/2021

The air filter scandal: How the Federal Environment Agency neglects the use of the devices in schools

The use of mobile air purifiers helps. Two independent research teams come to the conclusion. " Both research teams give clear recommendations for the use of - sufficiently powerful - mobile air filters in classrooms ..."

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