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KAY doctor -   The intelligent CO2 light for medical practices, hospitals, patient rooms, waiting rooms, physiotherapists

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The CO2 light KAY doctor is the ideal partner in all types of rooms, because thanks to its “breathing” sensors, KAY actively warns when the CO2 threshold values ​​are exceeded due to insufficient fresh air supply due to excreted aerosols. On the basis of permanent measurements, KAY doctor gives a ventilation notice that lights up according to the traffic light principle and thus reduces the spread of pathogens through the air and thus lowers the risk of infection. Correct ventilation plays a central role in combating disease in order to effectively lower the aerosol concentration in the room and the associated risk of infection. KAY doctor gives you security, trust and a hygienically routine ventilation system in closed rooms in times of viral diseases such as corona or flu.

Using the example of waiting rooms, medical practices and therapy centers: When should the air be ventilated? Here, most users rely on the 20-5-20 rule proposed by the Federal Environment Agency. That means ventilate for five minutes after 20 minutes, so that the next 20 minutes in this room can then be held in a healthier indoor climate.
But outside temperatures in the minus range or patients, colleagues or sick people who are freezing or sitting in drafts for a long time often make this model difficult with five minutes of ventilation. Here it is definitely an advantage to ventilate only then and only as long as / as necessary and indicated with the help of KAY doctor. The CO2 traffic light shows reliably and precisely to the second whether ventilation must be carried out soon (YELLOW) or immediately (RED) or whether the air in the room is still “fresh” enough (GREEN).




- The light principle clearly shows “bad air” in the premises
- KAY can be used mobile and only requires a standard power supply
- An integrated CO2 sensor measures the indoor air quality permanently and "breathing" and evaluates it for the carbon dioxide concentration
- KAY is ideal as a tabletop device
- The reliable reminder of regular intermittent and cross ventilation thanks to the traffic light principle
- Immediately more security and hygienic indoor air for colleagues, customers and clients

- Dimensions (HxWxD): 382x139x35mm or 382x139x51 (including foot)

- CO2 measurement according to WHO standard

- The description provided helps your patients and guests in the waiting room to reduce the CO2 displayed

Interpret and understand measurement. You can easily and conveniently place this description next to your KAY doctor using a transparent display.


Kids Doctor Checkup

Doctor's offices

- Waiting room

- Treatment room

- Laboratory room

- Pharmacies

Senioren Socializing

Nursing and retirement homes

- Common areas

- Canteens & dining rooms

- Nursing room


Clinics & Therapy Centers & Gym

- Lounges & dining rooms

- Locker rooms

- Treatment room
- Waiting room
- Therapy rooms

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